Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Blogville Fall Fun Info

Today I want to spread the news about the upcoming 
Blogville Picnic!

We hope everyone will fill up a picnic basket 
and join the fun!!

Would you like to host a picnic game??

It can be a traditional picnic game like a potato sack race or a relay race OR it can be something unique and original! You know, a farting contest or maybe a fishy eating contest to see who can eat the most in one sitting!! 

Here is what you need to do

  We have an Activity Sign Up Sheet over at Da DB Boyz
 to keep track of who is hosting what!  
You can click  HERE to get to the sign up sheet 
and see who has signed up! 
Leave a comment about what activity you would like to host and if you have a dead lion for pictures for your activity,
 let us know and we'll put it on the sign up sheet too! 
We suggest you pick an event to host in the next week or so to give everyone a chance to sign up!!

Then, promote your activity with a blog post! 
You can ask for pictures, 
or just let people know what you have planned!  
We will be doing weekly updates here and at Da DB Boyz 
up until the picnic to keep everyone up to date 
on the new activities being added 
(and any dead lions that might be coming up)!

 On the day of the picnic be sure to link up
 to the Activity Transporter (Blog Hop Linky). 
This way Blogville will be able to stop by 
and watch all the events!

Please note,  these events can be hosted by dogs, cats, bunnies, Aunties, mousies...even birdies!
As long as you have a blog, you can host an event! 

The fun doesn't stop there!

When the sun sets on Picnic Day,
 put on your scootin' boots and join Me and Arty
 for a night of fun and dancing at the Blogville Barn Dance!!

Send a "cut out" of yourself for the dance floor if you can, or send Arty's Mama 
any picture to dress up for the photo booth!!

The Dead Lion to get your pictures in is 
Monday, September 18th

And don't forget the 
How I Spent my Summer (Or Winter) Vacation Blog Hop
on Tuesday Sept 12th

 Let us know with words, pictures, or both,
 how you spent your time over the Summer
(or Winter if you are one of our Southern Hemisphere furiends). We will have a Blog Hop set up and we can see what all our furiends have been up to!! 

Feel free to grab the badges and spread the word!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hazel's Hijinks!

 Do I have a story to tell you today about my sister Hazel
I know you all think she is a sweetie but she can be mischievious. 

Unfortunately there are no pictures of what transpired 
so you will have to use your imagination. 
Last weekend there was the 3 day Obedience and Rally Trial 
at a park about 45 minutes from us
I was entered all 3 days and Hazel was entered in the Team event Saturday afternoon
The weather was very warm and Dad offered to bring Hazel to the park in the afternoon
so she would not have to be in the heat all day. 

Mom and I were hanging out waiting for the Rally classes to begin 
when here comes Dad walking toward us - All Alone! 
Mom was puzzled - where was Hazel ??? 
Dad said " She locked herself in the pick up"  
Mom starts freaking out
He then said "She's OK, the truck is running and the air conditioning is on"
It seems when Dad pulled into the parking area he had to "go". 
So he parked by the porta potty and left Hazel in the truck. 
When he went back, she had locked the door!!

Mom was still freaking out as they tried to figure out who to call
Dad finally found a lock smith who said he would be there in a few minutes.

They watched and waited - the park we were at is a large park - 
there is a zoo, ball fields,tennis courts, play ground and picnic areas. 
 And the locksmith couldn't find us!
Dad was on the phone trying to give him directions, Mom went to go check on Hazel

She peaked in the window. Hazel saw her and got excited. 
She came over to the window, danced her paws up and down and Mom heard a "click".


Hazel unlocked the door! 

The locksmith finally found us and Dad had to give him $20 for showing up

Not to be outdone,
I had my own adventure on Sunday
that is a story for another day!

Tomorrow we will have some more info for the upcoming Blogville events
or you can visit 
Arty and Jakey 

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Friday, August 18, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer Pug Fashion Stars

It's Fashion time with 

A girl can never have too many dresses!

Mom says purple is my color - what do you think?

This month we received two great items to review
Vittles Vault Pet Food Container 
Merrick Back Country Freeze Dried Real Salmon Treats

Today we are going to review the
 Merrick Freeze Dried Real Salmon Recipe Treats. 
My Cheetah dress makes me feel wild! 
Do you think cheetahs eat salmon??

Key Benefits

  • Treats offer the benefits of raw nutrition in a safe and easy-to-serve freeze-dried form.
  • All-natural recipe includes real salmon as the first ingredient, so they’re high in protein and nutrition.
  • Features a hearty, wood-smoked taste that makes dogs go wild.
  • Specially formulated to mimic the ancestral canine diet with ingredients from USA family farms.
  • No grain, gluten, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservative

I am dressed to dine in my navy dress 
accented with delicate purple flowers.
 I can smell the wonderful Ingredients
Salmon, Whitefish, Dried Peas, Dried Potatoes, Gelatin, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative).

My navy gingham is pawfect for the upcoming fall pawties
and the delicious salmon smell has caught the attention
 of another Pug Fashion Star!

Hazel is looking ravishing in red gingham!

Pug Fashion Stars pose pawfectly for 
Merrick Back Country Freeze Dried Real Salmon Treats!
8 paws up for these yummy treats
(mom thinks they are stinky but we love them!)

We love Chewy

Shop Chewy.com for all your pet needs
Great prices, fast shipping and pawsome customer service

disclaimer: we were provided one bag of Merrick treats free of charge 
in exchange for our honest review

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blogville Fun Announcements!

Hi Everyone!!

Arty & I got together in our Mayoral offices yesterday getting things ready for Fall in Blogville! 
We do hope that everyone has been enjoying the summer (or winter) and with the change of seasons coming up, we thought this would be the perfect time to plan some events and we sure could use your help! 
So far we have come up with two fun events for September:

First up is the
 "How I spent My Summer(or Winter) Vacation"
 Blog Hop!

 Just let us know with words, pictures, or both, 
how you spent your time over the Summer (or Winter if you are one of our Southern Hemisphere furiends). 
We will have a Blog Hop set up 
and we can see what all our furiends have been up to!! 

Please feel free to display our badge
 and help us spread the word about this event!
 It is open to all our anipals!

Next UP! 

 will be the Blogville Picnic
and we would love to have your help for this one!
Do you want to host a fun event?? 
You know, maybe a potato bag race, a team tuggy game or even a good game of frisbee?? 
We are hoping for a day of fun in the sun followed by 
a Barn Dance hosted by Mabel and Arty! 
 Look for more information and a sign up sheet for events next Monday!  

Let us know if there are any other events
 YOU would like to see around Blogville!! 

just a side note: we have been having intermittent internet issues 
so please excuse us if we are not always commenting.
A tech person is coming tomorrow to try to figure out why

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Fun Weekend!

I sure had a fun 3 days at the
Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training Club
Obedience and Rally Trials

On Friday we entered Rally Novice
I finished this title last year but Mom thought it would be a fun no pressure way to start the weekend

I earned 89 out of 100 pts. and 3rd place

Saturday we were entered in 
Beginner Novice Obedience
I needed one more qualify to earn the title

 190.5 points for second place 
and my
Beginner Novice Obedience Title!

We also entered Rally Advanced
Mom wanted to get an idea of how I would do off leash
We didn't qualify because Mom missed a station.
But I stayed with her through the whole course
 and she was very pleased about that!


Sunday we did Beginner Novice again 
and we got 4th place with a 190 score

A great weekend!

Hazel got to have some fun too 
and brought home her own ribbon

At this trial they always have a Team event on Saturday
It is just for fun and the teams get very creative

Hazel's team was called
The Old Duffers
All four dogs were over 10 yrs old 
and the mom's dressed up like old ladies. 
Mom & Hazel rode into the ring in a wheelchair! BOL!

They played Lawrence Welk Music while they were heeling and did their best to entertain the audience

And because they were the only team that entered
they won 1st Place!!

A friend was taking pictures during the trial so we will share some of them when we get them

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel